Computer Perception

Design and evaluation of full computer perception systems.

Workshop at ECCV, October 2022


Much of the research in Computer Vision has focused on solving individual tasks like image or video classification, object detection, object tracking, to name only a few. These settings are suitable for narrow applications, but for complex applications like embodied intelligent assistants or self-driving cars we will need full perception models that deal with multiple modalities and have integrated scene understanding and reasoning capabilities comparable to humans.

In this workshop, we propose to zoom out from Computer Vision and discuss more generally about Computer Perception, with leading thinkers from Computer Vision/Machine Learning and Cognitive Sciences.

We will cover both modelling challenges and evaluation best practices. Additionally, we will organise a competition.




Viorica Pătrăucean

Research Scientist at DeepMind.
Research: computer vision, scalable learning, biologically plausible learning.

Joao Carreira

Research Scientist at DeepMind.
Research: video processing, general perception systems.

Dima Damen

Bristol University
Professor of Computer Vision.
Research: computer vision, video understanding, perception benchmarks.

Andrew Zisserman

University of Oxford
Professor of Computer Vision Engineering at Oxford and a Royal Society Research Professor.
Research: computer vision, machine learning.


Details coming soon.